A Life that Understands the Need for True Wisdom

Understand Need for Wisdom

There are two kinds of wisdom. There is the wisdom of the world that may sound good but in the end it brings death to your soul and body. The wisdom from God is true wisdom and brings life to those who find it. True wisdom not only brings life but it establishes love in relationships and any relationship that is built on God’s wisdom will last and be able to stand through the trials that are a part of the journey. Look at the fruit of wisdom and you will understand that the good fruit of love has as its source the good seed of God’s wisdom. The word blessed means happy. You will be very happy if you find wisdom and you gain understanding. If you seek and find God’s wisdom then you will understand that wisdom is more profitable than money and even valuable material wealth or jewels. In fact, if one were to be given or inherit wealth if he or she lacked wisdom then the wealth would be lost in a matter of time. The same is true with any gift that God gives to men and women. Love is the greatest of gifts but if a person is lacking in wisdom then they will lose the love in their relationships and will often lose the marriage and friendships also. There is nothing in life that compares to finding wisdom. When one finds wisdom then he will also find life, riches and honor, which are the very things that many seek. The way of wisdom is pleasant and peaceful. She is life to those who find her and happy will be the person who holds fast to God’s wisdom. Even the Lord Himself, by wisdom He founded the earth and by understanding He established the heavens. Man is still trying to search out the order and depth of the universe and man never ceases to marvel at how perfectly the earth and heavens move and how delicate their balance is so that they sustain life.

How blessed is the man who finds wisdom
And the man who gains understanding.
For her profit is better than the profit of silver
And her gain better than fine gold.
She is more precious than jewels;
And nothing you desire compares with her.
Long life is in her right hand;
In her left hand are riches and honor.
Her ways are pleasant ways
And all her paths are peace.
She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her,
And happy are all who hold her fast.
The Lord by wisdom founded the earth,
By understanding He established the heavens. Proverbs 3:13-19

Understand Two Kinds of Wisdom

God’s wisdom is good and it is perfect. It will never disappoint. The world will never accept God’s wisdom because only those who fear the Lord and honor Him can know the wisdom of God. You must choose which wisdom that you will listen to and live accordingly. There are many many “how to” books and many people read them and live by them. If they are good then they will be based on God’s wisdom but if they are not good then they will be the latest trend or opinion, which may sound good, but the end result is not good. How can you know the difference? The only way is to know the true wisdom from above and if you know the true wisdom then you won’t have to read the many books, of which many are partial truths mixed in with partial lies. That is how the devil pulled Eve into believing what he was saying, by first doubting what God said and then mixing lies in with partial truths. He tried the same tactic with Jesus and he failed because Jesus knew the Word of God and recognized the lies and misquoting of God’s Word. God’s Word is wisdom and you must read and study His Word to be able to stand against the lies of the world and the demonic wisdom that infiltrates so much knowledge and teaching in schools and elsewhere.

Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom. But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart, do not be arrogant and so lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above, but is earthly, natural, demonic. For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing. But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy. James 3:13-17

God’s wisdom is pure, gentle, filled with peace, reasonable, full of mercy and the end result is good. It has good fruit because the seed is good. The seed is good because God is good. If you will build your life and relationships on God’s wisdom them they will stand strong and you will have a good and pleasant life and your relationships will be filled with love.

By wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding it is established;
And by knowledge the rooms are filled
With all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24:3,4

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When I was younger I read in the Bible that the Lord came to give me an abundant life and also that if I would trust Him then I would never be disappointed. These were incredible promises and so I decided to see if they were true. That was almost fifty years ago. What I have written are the truths that the Lord has taught me through His Word and I found them to be true every time. The Bible is the lecture and life is the lab. If a truth does not hold up in the lab then it can not be counted on. Every one was true and I have sought to build my life on these truths. We have a family business and four adult children. I wish that I could give my life to everyone but since I can't, I can share the truths that kept me from needless stress and pain. My marriage is the closest thing to heaven on earth. We are more "in love" than ever before and our children bring us great joy. I realize that not everyone will agree with everything that is written. I did not always agree either until I put it to the test. The Bible says that "wisdom will be vindicated by her deeds". The fruit from these truths have been sweet for me. May you be richly blessed as I have been. If you are struggling with life or with finding and keeping love in your life then please consider reading these posts. They have been tested and are true. If you are not happy and satisfied with life or what you have been doing has not been "working" then please consider what is written in these blogs. https://www.instructionstoayounglife.com is about how to live a life full of meaning, purpose, happiness with peace, quietness and confidence. https://www.howtofindandkeeplove.com is about the greatest love story in history. If you are looking for love and wanting to keep love in your life then please read this blog. These truths and this same love is offered to any who are willing to listen and learn. https://www.adviceforwomenaboutmen.com or https://www.adviceforgirlsaboutboys.com is practical advice on how a girl is to relate to a young man and how a woman is to relate to a man. It is a blog on how to keep from getting hurt and how to have a great love life. If you have any questions then please email me at fafeja@yahoo.com

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