A Life of Intimacy

The more intimate you are in your relationships the more fulfilling they will be. This also is true of your relationship with the Lord.

Psalm 25:14 The intimate counsel of the Lord is for those who fear him so they may know his covenant.

The intimacy of the Lord is for those who fear Him so if you want to know Him in a close way then you must fear Him. What does it mean to fear Him?

Proverbs 8:13 The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverted mouth, I hate.

Do you hate sin? What about the pride of life? What about pride of knowledge and the way of the world? What about cursing? Do you ever let a bad word slip out of your mouth? You will never know the intimacy of the Lord unless you first learn to fear Him. You can only go as deep in your relationships with others as you go with the Lord. If your relationship with Him is shallow then your relationships with others will be shallow. How does He show us His intimacy? He identifies with us, knows us completely and forgives us completely.

John 20:17 …but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God.’

Forgiveness is what Jesus offered to us. Forgiveness is the promise never to bring up an offense again. This will destroy intimacy in any relationship. Jesus never brings up your sins again.

Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.

Are you still bringing up past sins of others? Are you allowing Satan to do this in your mind? This will destroy your relationships and your joy. The next time Satan tries to rob you through your thought life then pray to the Lord. Thank the Lord for Jesus and that He has forgiven your sins and their sins. Satan can not stand for you to do this and will stop bringing these thoughts up to you. And stop bringing up the past to others.

Proverbs 17:9 He who conceals a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends.

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